Legal outsourcing

The dispute between the participants of the LLC


There was a corporate conflict between the participants of NEFTEGAZKONSALT LLC — US citizen Boris Aronshtein, US citizen James Pearson and the Russian company Zernin and Mikryukova LLC, during which Boris Aronshtein developed hostile relations with the company’s general director A.V. After one of the meetings of the participants, at which Byzov A.V. criticized the actions of B. Aronshtein and sharply spoke out in relation to him, Aronshtein filed a lawsuit with the court to institute criminal proceedings in private charge under art. 128.1 of the Criminal Code.


To obtain an acquittal in respect of A. Byzov, to prevent him from being held criminally liable, during the judicial investigation to competently interrogate both Boris Aronshtein himself and witnesses, including James Pearson, in order to consolidate the information necessary in the future for use in arbitration in a corporate dispute.


The result — an acquittal against A. Byzov. The appellate court upheld the verdict, the applicant’s complaint was dismissed.

Tatiana Protsenko
Managing Partner, Attorney

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