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Dr. Lisa Glinka was a real hero of Russian charity.
In 2007, Elizaveta Glinka, together with volunteers, philanthropists and assistants, founded the international public organization «Fair aid». All these years she has helped those who have lost hope, those who have been abandoned by others, those who will not be helped by anyone.

On the morning of December 25, 2016, a Tu-154 plane of the Russian Ministry of defense crashed over the Black sea near Sochi. Among its passengers was Elizaveta Glinka, who accompanied a humanitarian cargo of medicines to a Syrian clinic. Dr. Lisa was taking medicines for cancer patients and newborns to Syria, as well as supplies for medical equipment that are not coming to the country due to sanctions and the war.

For her work, Dr. Lisa has repeatedly won various state and public awards and prizes. In particular, in may 2012, she was awarded the order of Friendship «for her labor achievements, long-term conscientious work, and active public activity», in December 2014,» for her active civil position in protecting the human right to life «— the medal of the Commissioner for human rights» Hurry to do good», in March 2015,» for her great contribution to charity and public activities «— the badge of distinction»for beneficence». In December 2016, Elizaveta Glinka became the first recipient of the state prize of the Russian Federation for achievements in human rights activities.

A well-fed homeless man with bandaged legs. Valya is frail, anaesthetised, and sitting at the piano for the first time in six months. A boy from Donetsk and his happy parents. All these people felt that they were not alone in their grief, that they were needed, that they were loved. Thanks to the work of Elizabeth Glinka, her service to people, there are thousands of such stories. Colleagues of Elizaveta Glinka, volunteers, her friends and relatives considered it their duty not only to continue the work of Dr. Lisa, but also to carefully preserve the experience that She passed on, to preserve the principles of her work, her unique approach to wards and patients. Not only when working directly with those in need, but also by spreading this experience as widely as possible among volunteers, representatives of NGOs, and people just starting their way in charity. Among those who are inspired by the example of Dr. Lisa and will continue her work.

Tatyana Ivanovna Protsenko has been a friend and member of the Foundation for many years, and knew Dr. Lisa personally. To date, the law firm «Protsenko and partners» provides free, professional legal assistance to the organization «Fair Help of Doctor Lisa».


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