Legal outsourcing: comprehensive
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Is it that necessary to hire lawyers in your staff? And how to ensure the competence of a specialist? After all, this is not the case when you can afford to commit an error — accuracy and reliability are needed here.

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What kind of help will you
get as part of legal outsourcing?

Tatiana Protsenko
Managing partner,


The dispute between the participants of the LLC

There was a corporate conflict between the participants of NEFTEGAZKONSALT LLC — US citizen Boris Aronshtein, US citizen James Pearson…

Debt repudiation case

Our client, DACHA Company Limited, a company registered in Dubai, provided the spouses V. from Moscow with a loan in…

The case of recovery of losses incurred by the company

SamKar LLC rendered Polite Trade LLC services aimed at optimizing the execution deadlines and minimizing the amount of debt obligations…

Legal audit of the company.

- Legal analysis of constituent documents.
- Legal analysis of the concluded contracts.
- Analysis of the prospects for recovery under outstanding contracts.
- Analysis of the protection of existing intellectual property.
- Preparation of a legal opinion on the results of the legal audit.

Legal advice.

- Unlimited number of consultations on any issues.
- Written advice if necessary.

Alignment with the current legislation of the constituent documents and local regulations.

- Preparation and registration of amendments in the constituent documents.
- Preparation of amendments to existing local acts.
- Preparation of local acts for the company.

Representation of interests in law enforcement and other government agencies.

- Conduct of negotiations.
- Preparation of the necessary documents.
- Drafting responses to requests from state agencies.
- Appealing against illegal actions of state officials organs.

Legal support of all business processes of the company.

- Optimization of business structure.
- Compliance.
- Legal support of corporate governance.
- Protection of trade secrets.
- Protection of intellectual property.

Legal analysis of the contracts.

- Due diligence of upcoming transcations.
- Due diligance of the documents submitted by the counterparty.
- Drafting of contracts.

Settlement of disputes with counterparties.

- Sending a claim to the counterparty.
- Negotiating for the settlement of the dispute.
- Organization of the mediation process.

Protecting the interests of the company in court.

- Preparation of a legal position on the case.
- Drawing up a claim or a statement of defence.
- Collect the necessary evidence.
- Representation of your company in court.
- Appealing a court decision.


- Reducing the risk of adverse legal consequences.
- Your company is doing business in accordance with the law.
- You will be able to protect company’s interests in court and in other state bodies.

About company

We have been practicing law for over 20 years. Our team includes specialists, lawyers and attorneys of various specializations, who have a higher legal and economic education, academic and master degrees from Russian and foreign universities. Having accumulated invaluable experience in government bodies, law enforcement agencies, the banking system and consulting, we have created a company that can protect your business in all life situations of life. The company specialises in the resolution of commercial disputes and criminal law protection of business. Our mission is to enable business people to do what they like most, without being distracted by problems, and give them confidence in the correctness of their decisions. We provide high quality legal services and a professional approach to all issues we work with.

Savings on full-time lawyers
Using legal outsourcing, our clients save up to 130 thousand rubles. per month.
Consultations of area experts
You will have the opportunity to get expert advice on various legal issues.
Our lawyers will keep your secrets. According to russian legislation attorneys cannot be searched or interrogated on the matters related to the client’s business.

Clients´ reviews

Anton Redko
Entrepreneur, Moscow

Nadezhda Artman
Company "Il De Bote"

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