Tatiana Protsenko

Managing Partner, Attorney

Legal experience since 1996. She graduated with honors from the Moscow State Academy of Law, All-Russian Distance Institute of Finance and Economics, completed postgraduate studies of the Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Since 2002 — attorney, member of the Moscow Bar Association.
Tatiana is a member of the Association of lawyers of Russia. She has many publications on current legal issues and appears as an expert on legal issues in the media, on radio and television.

Author of 2 books


Criminal Prosecution Case

At the request of the lawyer, the court twice returned the criminal case to the prosecutor in order to eliminate…

Large-scale credit theft case

Thanks to the motions and complaints of the lawyer O. Romanenko the criminal case was returned four times by the…

The dispute between the participants of the LLC

There was a corporate conflict between the participants of NEFTEGAZKONSALT LLC — US citizen Boris Aronshtein, US citizen James Pearson…

Debt repudiation case

Our client, DACHA Company Limited, a company registered in Dubai, provided the spouses V. from Moscow with a loan in…

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